UIT's Research Information Technology Services presents workshops to help enhance research computing. Topics range from Introduction to HPC through Visualization and 3d printing. Workshops are generally held in the HPC Studio located on the UNT main campus in the General Academic Building, Room 535. Also the Research Information Technology team occasionally invites researchers, subject matter experts, and vendors to hold Birds-of-a-Feather sessions and Focus Groups to augment the campus research community.

*Level Key: INT = Introductory, ITR = Intermediate, ADV = Advanced

Fall 2017 Workshops

Title Date Level Slides
New User Workshop - Part 1 09/7 INT NewUsersPart1
New User Workshop - Part 2 09/14 ITR NewUsersPart2
Introduction to Xsede Resources 09/21 INT Xsede
Parallel Programming - Part 1 10/5 INT ParallelProgramming1
Parallel Programming - Part 2 10/12 ITR ParallelProgramming2
Parallel Programming - Part 3 10/19 ADV ParallelProgramming3
GPU Programming 10/26 ADV GPU


Spring 2018 Workshops

Title Date Level Slides
New User Workshop - Part 1 02/20 INT Part1
New User Workshop - Part 2 02/27 ITR Part2
Basic Bash and Python Scripting 03/06 ITR



Introduction to Machine Learning 03/20 ADV Machine Learning
Improving Parallel Performance with GPUs 03/27 ITR GPUs
Introduction to R 03/29 INT  
Intel Hyperthreading Technology in Scientific Parallel Computations 04/03 ADV Intel HyperThreading
Computational Chemistry and Molecular Dynamic Modeling 04/10 ADV Chemistry
Introduction to 3D Modeling for Research 04/18 INT 3D Modelling 
Tools for moving Big Data 04/25 ITR  
Tools for Research Visualization 05/02 ITR