Workshops, Upcoming Training

UIT's Research Information Technology Services presents workshops to help enhance research computing. Topics include Introduction to HPC, Programming Tools, Visualization, 3D Printing and more. Workshops are conducted in the HPC Studio located on the UNT main campus in the General Academic Building, Room 535. Also, the Research Information Technology Services team occasionally invites researchers, subject matter experts, and vendors to hold information and sharing sessions and focus groups to augment the campus research community.

Please check here often and our HPC calendar for updates and new workshops. 

If you have a request for a workshop or you would like to host one, please let us know by sending an email to

Workshops are scheduled every Thursday at 1 p.m.
If interested, please send an email in advance to

Other Upcoming Workshops

  • Using XSEDE Resources
  • Python for HPC
  • Big Data with Spark/Hadoop
  • GPU Programming
  • Any requests from you!

Talon 3 “Basics” Training: Linux/scripting • Contact Charles Peterson, HPC

R Training • Contact Richard Herrington, Data Science and Analytics 

Key to Instruction Level

INT = Introductory  |  ITR = Intermediate  |  ADV = Advanced

2018 Fall Workshops

Title Date Level
Intro to Talon3 - Part 1 09/19 INT
Intro to Talon3 - Part 2 09/20 ITR
Intro to XSEDE HPC Resources 09/26 INT
Introduction to R and Rstudio - Part 1  10/18 ITR
Introduction to R and Rstudio - Part 2 10/18 ITR

Spring 2018 Workshops

Title Date Level
New User Workshop - Part 1 02/20 INT
New User Workshop - Part 2 02/27 ITR
Basic Bash and Python Scripting 03/06 ITR
Introduction to Machine Learning 03/20 ADV
Improving Parallel Performance with GPUs 03/27 ITR
Introduction to R 03/29 INT
Intel Hyperthreading Technology in Scientific Parallel Computations 04/03 ADV
Computational Chemistry and Molecular Dynamic Modeling 04/10 ADV
Introduction to 3D Modeling for Research 04/18 INT
Tools for moving Big Data 04/25 ITR
Tools for Research Visualization 05/02 ITR

Fall 2017 Workshops

Title Date Level
New User Workshop - Part 1 09/7 INT
New User Workshop - Part 2 09/14 ITR
Introduction to Xsede Resources 09/21 INT
Parallel Programming - Part 1 10/5 INT
Parallel Programming - Part 2 10/12 ITR
Parallel Programming - Part 3 10/19 ADV
GPU Programming 10/26 ADV