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Connecting to UNT VPN on a Mobile Phone

Installing the VPN application on your mobile device:


iPhone: Install the Cisco AnyConnect app from the App Store.

Android: Install the Cisco AnyConnect app from Google Play.


Once installed, Add a new VPN connection with a server address ‘vpn.unt.edu’ or ‘vpn2.unt.edu’.

Now turn on the AnyConnect VPN and log in with your UNT AMS EUID and password (not the same as your Talon password).


Make sure your VPN status is in connected state:

iPhone: Under Setting, VPN, make sure the ‘Status’ says ‘Connected’.

Talon3 launch

HPC Community,

We are excited that we are close to launching Talon3! A select group of users is currently beta testing the new cluster. We anticipate launching Talon3 early next week pending feedback from testing. As such I wanted to ensure you were aware of a few items:

Talon2 online

Hi HPC Community,

Talon2 is back online and compute services have been resumed. All jobs that were suspended appear to have resumed correctly. As always, please notify us immediately if anything looks out of place.

Please note that we are still solving the Lustre Metadata high-availability issue. Lustre is extremely robust but this issue could cause loss of redundancy. However, we feel the risk of this is low enough that we can safely resume  service. 

A few more updates:

Talon2 Maintenance status


In regards to the scheduled maintenance.. Unfortunately we encountered a few unforeseen issues that set us back yesterday. However, we are about 80% complete with the work needed in order to restore services. We are fairly confident that Talon2 will be back online this afternoon/evening. Please standby for updates..

To give a scope of the work already accomplished:

- > 200 fiber cables were individually prepared and labeled

- > 100 fiber cables had to be untangled, sorted, and tested