HPC Account Information

1. Who is eligible for UNT HPC accounts?

  • Any faculty, students, postdocs, research fellows, visiting scholars and collaborators can apply for an account and must be "sponsored" by a faculty-level PI from the UNT.
  • You must have an EUID to apply. If you are a visiting scholar (aka external collaborator), you can apply for an EUID through the Provost Office using this form
  • There are no shared/group accounts, each user requires their own account.

2. What type of accounts are available?

  • Research: Accounts are headed by Faculty or Staff Principal Investigators and are typically funded by the PI's grant rewards.
  • Academic: Accounts are for course work and sponsored by the Instructor.
  • Collaborator: Accounts are available to faculty and student collaborators, affiliated with UNT research initiatives via a shared external grant or contract.

3. How do I apply for an account?

  • Each user is required to fill out an HPC Account Request form online. Access to the form requires authentication with your EUID and password

4. I forgot my username or password, what do I do?

  • If you've forgotten either one of your credentials, please send a message to hpc-admin@unt.edu explaining the situation and we will reset your password manually to the default.