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October 2020 TUG Meeting

TUG Engagement and Outreach Series Kickoff

Topic: “The limits of quantum circuit simulation with low precision arithmetic using Talon" by Santiago Betelu, visiting professor of mathematics, UNT College of Science, and chief scientist at Data Vortex

When: Oct. 21, 2020, 1 p.m.

Dr. Betelu's session slides: The limits of quantum circuit simulation with low precision arithmetic

Encouraged by feedback from the Talon User Group meetings on Sept. 21 and 23, the TUG Engagement and Outreach Series has been developed. The purpose of this monthly event is to listen to Talon users, explore opportunities in furthering Talon service effectiveness and enable, foster, and develop new research and training opportunities in scientific computing and analytics. 

Dr. Betelu's abstract: This is an investigation of the limits of quantum circuit simulation with Schrodinger's formulation and low precision arithmetic. The goal is to estimate how much memory can be saved in simulations that involve random, maximally entangled quantum states. An arithmetic polar representation of B bits is defined for each quantum amplitude and a normalization procedure is developed to minimize rounding errors. Then a model is developed to quantify the cumulative errors on a circuit of Q qubits and G gates. Depending on which regime the circuit operates, the model yields explicit expressions for the maximum number of effective gates that can be simulated before rounding errors dominate the computation. The results are illustrated with random circuits and the quantum Fourier transform.

September 2020 TUG Meeting

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