T3 NUO, Part 1.3, Logging In

To access Talon 3, you must have an SSH client to connect.
For windows, PuTTY is a good example of an SSH client program.

Once you install PuTTY on your local computer, open the application.

Then you will need to type the Host Name (talon3.hpc.unt.edu) with your login (normally your EUID). Then click 'Open'.

Logging in to Talon 3 with PuTTY configuration

Once you click 'Open', you will be directed to type in your password. (PASSWORDS ON TALON 3 ARE NOT RELATED TO YOUR UNT AMS PASSWORD)

On your first log in, your password is your eight-digit UNT ID number.
This temporary password is valid for only 48 hours.

Once successfully entering in your password, you will then be remotely connected to Talon 3! You will see a Linux Command Line Interface, in where, you will need to use Linux command to nativage through Talon 3.

The first task you should compelete on your first log in is resetting your password. To do this, you will need to type the command 'passwd'. You will then be prompted to type your temporary password, then type in a new password.

Passwords are then valid for 180 days. For your account to remain active, please change password every 180 days.

If a primary investigator’s account becomes inactive, every user under the PI’s account become inactive.

If you have forgotten your password, or if your account becomes inactive, send a ticket to hpc-admin@unt.edu to reset your password.

DO NOT let other people use your account.
Only you have access to your account.
DO NOT share your password with anyone.

Logging in from off campus

Talon 3 can only be connected from a computer that is on the UNT network (i.e Campus Wifi or LANs from UNT buildings). If you want to connect to Talon 3 off campus, you must connect to UNT’s virtual private network service, VPN.

To connect to UNT's VPN, you must install the Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client.

For instructions, please read how to install Cisco AnyConnect on the University IT website or contact the UIT Help Desk for assistance.

When you open the VPN Client, you will enter the Host Name, vpn.unt.edu.

Then to log in to the VPN service, use your UNT Account Management System credentials—your EUID and your AMS password.

Once you Login to UNT's VPN, you can then connect to Talon 3.VPN login page screenshot