New User Account Form

In order to request an UNT HPC account, you MUST have a active UNT EUID and AMS credentials. 

Any student MUST have a UNT Faculty member/PI to Sponser their account. The PI must first already have an active UNT HPC account before any student can request an account.

To request an account, log in to the user page, and enter your UNT AMS credentials, EUID and password.

You must be logged in with valid UNT credentials to see the link to the Talon 3 Account Request Form. Fill out the form completely.

For new PI accounts, a member of the UNT HPC team will contact you about your account and your HPC requirments. 

For new student accounts, the PI/Sponser will be contacted first to approve the new account.

NOTE: For any errors logining into the user page, please visit the Account Management System website, to see if your UNT AMS account is active and vaild. If not, please contact the University IT Help Desk, 940-565-2324,