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3D Printing Request Form

To submit a 3D printing request, fill out this form completely. We will contact you if we need any additional information. You will receive an email with instructions for pick up when your job is complete.

  • Reseach Focused: All submissions are subject to review by the HPC Staff for revelance to research projects.
  • Submissions: All submissions must be submitted 3-5 business days before you would need it.
  • File Format: We can only accept printing .stl files at this time.
  • 1 request at a time. Please wait until you’ve picked up your finished print before submitting a new request.
We can only accept files up to 96 MB thru the website. If your request file/s are larger than 96MB, please submit a png or jpg file in the upload, so that we can look at the print requirements and make a determination. If your print job has more than one component, please place all of them in a .zip file, and upload the .zip file here.
If you have specific requirements, or additional instructions for printing your file, please include them here. If you uploaded more than one file, please indicate here in which color you'd like each file printed.